Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shop Opening and Glitter!

I am super excited today to announce the opening of my store! I make a variety of Nail Polish Jewellery and as of now, you can buy it at Your Claws are Showing... and they look Fabulous!

I've only just opened the shop so I'll be adding things every day. One of today's items matches oh so wonderfully with today's challenge: Glitter!

Let me introduce Mckfresh Nail Attire's Sir Didymus! I love this glitter and it makes a gorgeous ring!

So beautiful!

To celebrate the opening of the store I'm offering 10% off with the code NAILSONTHEBEACH for the rest of the month.

Check out the other glitter nails below:

Until tomorrow,

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Where to buy:

Mckfresh Nail Attire is available here.

Your Claws are Showing Jewellery is available here.

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