Monday, 16 September 2013

Day 16: Tribal

I'm really not a fan of today's nails. I knew from the start of the challenge that I'd have a bit of trouble with Tribal so I found these really great nail stickers. However, I didn't realise that my nails are a lot narrower than the average and that they've got a wicked curve to them. So I've ended up with the following.

As you can see, they really didn't work for me. From a distance they look amazing and I imagine they're great for people with normal nails but for me, sorry, not going to work. I aim to try doing tribal for myself properly after the challenge is over. Hopefully I can do better.

Do check out the other (much better) tribals below:

Tomorrow look forward to the introduction of my Nail Polish Jewellery! Until then,


  1. It does look really great from far away. ;) I do totally want to try that design freehand now.

    1. That would be amazing! You'll have to show me.

  2. Love your blog!! Enjoying your designs :)